Video Tutorials

The easiest way to understand My Campaign Software (and to decide if it is right for you), is to first watch the program overview video. After watching the overview, you can move on to the other sections of the program.

Program Overview

Thought you couldn't afford a campaign manager? Think again!
My Campaign Software is the simple, inexpensive solution for your grass roots campaign needs.

  • Save detailed information on all your contacts and organizations.
  • Automatically send personalized e-mail and letters.
  • Track your contributions and campaign expenses.
  • Import your current contact lists with ease.
  • Import AmeriCan Registered Voter Lists
  • Individually schedule tasks and appointments.
  • Actions plans automatically schedule contacts with client lists.
  • Social networking portal keeps supporters in the loop.
  • Fully networkable for up to ten concurrent users.

To learn more about My Campaign Software, click each of the tabs and watch the short training videos you'll find there.


When running for political office, you want people to know who you are and what you think. You want people to understand you are a real person just like them--someone they can learn to identify with. My Campaign Software can help you get in front of and stay in front of as many constituents as possible--and isn't that what it's all about?

Here are a few short videos on the people section. The help system in the program contains many more easy-to-follow training videos.


Organizations are groups of people that can help you with your campaign. The Organizations section of the program store data and notes, tasks, and links to the People files of everyone in the organization.


Tasks are things you intend doing with a person or organization. They may be mailings, phone calls, or personal visits. You can assign single tasks as necessary, or you can create action plans with "canned" sequences of tasks. If more than one person is using the program, each user can have their own set of tasks to do.


The Library is a convenient place to store documents and images that you will use often. In the library you can create email, letters, legal size letters, and phone call scripts. You can also prepare sets of email or letters that you'll tie to an action plan.


In the Finances section you can save notes on all your campaign donations and expenses. Both donations and expenses can be tied to the appropriate person or organization file so that you have complete records of all your campaign's finances.


In the Utilites section you can add users and databases, as well as backup and restore your data for safety. If you are sharing data across a network, the networking setup is in the utilities section.



If you have questions about how the program can help you win your campaign, click Support and we will be glad to help you.