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Campaign Management Made Easy

Thought you couldn't afford a campaign manager? Think again!
My Campaign Software is the simple, inexpensive solution for your grass roots campaign needs.

  • Save detailed information on all your contacts and organizations.
  • Automatically send personalized e-mail and letters.
  • Track your contributions and campaign expenses.
  • Import your current contact lists with ease.
  • Import AmeriCan Registered Voter Lists
  • Individually schedule tasks and appointments.
  • Actions plans automatically schedule contacts with your client lists.
  • Social networking portal keeps supporters in touch and in the loop.
  • Fully networkable for up to ten concurrent users.

Sandy Lee Sanderson

Sandy LeeI would like to introduce you to My Campaign Software. This program grew out of my years of marketing experience, Howard's years of experience in writing easy-to-use software, and Clarity's political campaign experience. She used this program to manage the campaign of a totally unknown candidate bringing him to front-runner status.

When running for political office, you want people to know who you are and what you think. You want people to understand you are a real person just like them--someone they can learn to identify with. My Campaign Software can help you get in front of and stay in front of as many constituents as possible--and isn't that what it's all about?

You have to start with a database. Our software makes it easy to import voter lists and a snap to add supporters as you meet them. You want to start by calling or visiting as many voters as possible to get their permission to e-mail them. Your campaign needs to have a consistent pattern of e-mail, mailings, calls, and visits. Our software makes it so easy to coordinate it all. We even have a simple way to keep track of donors and donations.

It's vital you stay personal and each e-mail or letter you send from our program is individualized for the recipients "Dear Voter". People really do think, "if you don't care enough to know my name, why should I care enough to give you my vote"? So if you are sending 500 e-mails all with the same message each one will look like you sent it to just that person from you personally.

Please download a free trial program and take it for a spin. Put a few people in, add tags to each one like "will do lawn sign", "will hold open house", "schools hot issue". Then gather different groups and send them a personalized e-mail.

Put some appointments in, attach them to people or mailings and give yourself reminders--just try everything. This is comprehensive software that is totally easy to use, and you can't break it. So once again, give it a try.

Clarity Sanderson

I have personally used My Campaign Software for my work as a Precinct Chair and Regional Director, as well as various local campaigns I managed. This is an excellent tool for campaign managers too!

We keep you in contact with supporters and volunteers, whether by e-mail, snail mail, telephone or fax, My Campaign Software is your communications center. It automatically sends personalized e-mail and letters.

Our Tasks section allows you to input all of the important events in your campaign to keep you on track. You can easily respond to those wishing to volunteer or donate to your campaign, and attach a "marketing plan" automatically scheduling a series of contacts with them.

Our financial section allows you to track contributions as well as your campaign expenses. And finally, it is simple to import existing lists of people and mark them in customized categories for easy retrieval.

Use My Campaign Software to help your favorite candidate get elected.
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View our short video tutorials to see how easy the program is to use.

Download a free trial program and take it for a spin.

Purchase My Campaign Software for just $99.00 (for the 99%).


We rely on this program heavily for sending out e-mail and letters to our membership. This program has done wonders for communication with our Caucus members.
-- Craig Axford


I used this program for my run as Vice Chair of the party, and received many compliments on my e-mail campaign from the delegates.
-- Laura Bonham


Emailing the delegates during my campaign for Secretary was a snap! I love how it individualized all the letters.
-- M. Xavier Hermosillo